Other Services

We are often asked whether we work with businesses other than law firms. The answer is a resounding YES!  Our client list includes financial advisors, landscape architects, staffing companies, psychology practices, as well as several real estate investors and private individuals who need help managing their financial lives.

Our services include:

Month-End Bookkeeping

Many small business owners like to handle their banking in house. Bills are being paid, income is being deposited, and many purchases are being made using automatic bank debit or credit card.

Turning all of those transactions into financial records is another story. If you don’t have the time or inclination do the actual accounting yourself, let Juris Bookkeeping turn your monthly banking and credit card activity into clear and meaningful financials. You’ll know exactly what you have earned and spent, and your CPA will receive a pristine set of books in January to file your taxes.

Accounting Catch-up

Like most small business owners, you’re likely so focused on running your business that you have fallen a couple of months or more behind in your accounting. We understand. We can get you caught up in no time.

Quickbooks Training

Many small firms prefer to keep their bookkeeping in house. Often, they have a trusted staff member who is bright and capable, but who doesn’t have a background in accounting or is new to QuickBooks. As a seasoned QuickBooks trainer, Annette will demystify QuickBooks and turn you or your assistant into an accounting pro in no time.

Quickbooks Cleanup

Annette can also set up your chart of accounts, clean up your QuickBooks file, and get your accounting in order so that your in-house accounting person can start with a clean and accurate set of accounting records.